New Product Alert: Introducing Tom Ford Atticus

Tom Ford’s Atticus sunglasses were released this season (as their key marketing piece) and have become one of the hottest, unique and elegant pieces to own. As shops have been selling out, this frame has been in high demand at most retailers. Due to the rarity, even certain celebrities are struggling to get their hands on them. As seen on J-Lo’s Instagram story, we are just waiting for someone like the Kardashian’s or even A list rappers to sport them in a music video. You can understand and see why they have become the marketing piece for this seasons eyewear…they give off an insane statement to say the least. This isn’t your typical everyday frame by all means but can still be worn so effortlessly and these sort of sunglasses are absolutely ideal if you are going snowboarding and skiing, giving full 360-degree protection to the eyes.

The sunglasses themselves feature an oversized look with a shiny frame and a plastic shield providing both protection and style. Additional lenses on both temples creates a bold statement. They have a certain Ski Goggle inspired vibe (and as previously stated they are ideal for snow sports) but still maintain the luxury Chic of high fashion. From a first glance they may look ‘Over the Top’ but this sort of sunglasses will still match any outfit elegantly. To level with you, these are not a feminine frame at all, just pure class, luxury and hand-crafted beauty. The ideal pair of shades to push boundries when it comes to outfit choices whilst not looking like you are trying to hard. If you want these Tortoise+Black were lucky enough to get hold of some…so visit our website now!