Spring Summer Trends 2020

As we spot the long-awaited first signs of spring, what better time to take a look at this year’s hottest sunglass trends. We are booking in deliveries of the latest designs on a daily basis right now, and here is our stylist’s guide to the four key shapes.

Granny glasses

Yep, your grandma is now officially cool. If she won’t lend you a pair of originals, Gucci is the go-to brand to achieve this look. Both square and round will cut it, just the bigger the better – aim for the size of a saucer. A perfect antidote to last year’s obsession with miniscule frames.

Bold aviator

A look that has never gone away, this year sees the traditional thin wire aviator get a brave new look. A luxurious dose of acetate is usually in play, occasionally blended with wire elements. Whilst unashamedly bold, the tear drop shape is flattering on almost every face shape.

Modern cateye

Another take on classic sunglass staple, the modern cateye is given a contemporary new feel. Look out for layered lens and chunky acetate. In line with the general shift towards bigger designs, the modern cateye is not to be confused with last year’s narrower slim cat eye trend.


A little bit of the Matrix coming through here, this 90s inspired look has been unmistakably reimagined for 2020. The chunky acetate theme continues, with sharp angular lines the key detail. This is definitely the most fashion-focused look of the year.