Tortoise+Black are all about honesty and transparency which is why we are just going to go ahead and say it…we can do it better.

Who are you?

Back in the days of dial up we set up one of the UK’s first prescription eyewear websites. RxSport is now Europe’s leading sports eyewear specialist, and has provided the foundations for our expertise in cutting edge optics. Whilst James has been the obsessive sports geek, Claudia’s background was in fashion buying and always held a desire to apply their expertise to the fashion and lifestyle side of the market. Now this is it . . . Tortoise+Black. The perfect partnership of technical expertise and style.

What do you do?

We have brought together the world’s best eyewear brands in one place and have matched them with our very own signature Tortoise+Black prescription lenses. Our lenses have been customised for the Tortoise+Black customer. Finally, prescription lenses that match the quality of the world’s finest sunglasses.

Why are you so great?

There are countless reasons we could give you to persuade you to shop at Tortoise+Black, but we won’t. If you are anything like us, we don’t like to be told what to do and would prefer to come to our own conclusions. Have a browse of the website and see if we tickle your fancy! The Tortoise+Black website represents exactly who we are; in other words, if we don’t believe in it, it doesn’t make the website.

Wow, really? Give us just one reason why you are so great?

Ok then just one. Our Home Trial service. We know it is asking a lot from you to commit to buying a pair of prescription sunglasses or glasses without even seeing the frame. With the home trial we can send out three pairs of frames for you to try on at home. We like to get everyone involved in this process so why not post selfies on social media with the #TandBHomeTrial and our personal shopper team, your friends and your family can help you decide.

Why the name Tortoise+Black?

No fancy or convoluted story behind this. What are the most popular frame colours? You guessed it, tortoise and black.

What’s your history?

Having started out in 2016, yes Tortoise+Black is quite young. But we are not! We have over 13 years’ experience selling sunglasses online, and we back that up with 40 years’ worth of expertise from our consultant optometrist Chris. We have pretty much nailed the whole supplying prescription eyewear over the internet thing. Arrogant? Yes, but we did say we were honest!

Can we trust your website?

Our commitment to provide a safe and secure shopping environment is emphasized by our partnership with SagePay. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. We have teamed up with SagePay to use their highest level of online protection including Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authorisation technology. All card details are entered on a secure page and are transferred using SSL technology.

Can we trust you?

We take quality and service very seriously. We are an authorised dealer for all the brands we stock so you can be sure you are receiving genuine, high quality products from us.

Part of J.E. Coakley Limited – Company Number: 5372141 – VAT Number: 871684882

Correspondence and Returns Address:

Tortoise+Black, Great North Road, Wittering, Peterborough PE8 6BX, UK

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