We’re bringing the joy of shopping to prescription eyewear with tailored lens packages

We’ve collaborated with industry leaders in lens technology to create prescription lens packages that match the exceptional quality of frames available in our range.

 Read on to learn more about our lens packages for both glasses and sunglasses.


Exclusive lens packages for your designer optical frame

We believe that prescription lenses can mean so much more than weighty frames, thick lenses and beady eyes.

So you can rest assured that we want your lenses to look and feel as good as the frames to which you have them fitted! To make this possible we’ve fine-tuned our lens offering to offer exactly what you’re looking for in four simple packages.

1.50 Standard

CR39 plastic lenses.

1.59 Polycarbonate

Impact resistant yet lightweight, with Crizal Easy anti-reflection and 100% UV protection. Up to 20% thinner.

1.67 High Index

Ideal for stronger prescriptions, with Crizal Sapphire premium anti-reflection and 100% UV protection. Up to 35% thinner.

1.74 Ultra High Index

Our thinnest lens, with Crizal Sapphire premium anti-reflection and 100% UV protection. Up to 50% thinner.


Enhance your choice of frame by selecting from our wide range of luxury prescription lens options

For all of our prescription sunglasses we’ve selected the best lens tint to create a flawless look for your frame, just as the designer intended in non-prescription

Across our range of prescription sunglasses you can choose from one of our two lens packages below

1.50 Standard

CR39 plastic lenses with 100% UV protection.

1.60 High Index

Thin and lightweight, ideal for stronger prescriptions. Includes back side anti-reflection and 100% UV protection.