From cart to first time try-on, we’re bringing the joy of shopping to prescription eyewear.

We’ve pooled knowledge and collaborated with industry leaders to create prescription lenses matching the exceptional quality of frames available in our range.

 Read on to learn how we make lenses fit for the world’s finest eyewear.


Exclusive luxury for your designer frame, made the way you want it.

We believe that prescription lenses can mean so much more than weighty frames, thick lenses and beady eyes. Cast off your fears – we want your lenses to look and feel at least as good as the frames to which you have them fitted! To make this possible we’ve fine-tuned our lens offering to offer exactly what you’re looking for in three simple packages.


Perfectly suited to mild prescriptions.

Lens Index: 1.50
Suited to mild prescriptions
Anti-reflective (AR) coat as standard

This is a modern lens which is perfect for weaker prescriptions and conventional eyeglass frames.

The Essential lens is much the same as what you’ll find at your high street optician – we’re offering it at no extra cost in single vision for your frame!

To improve eye comfort, reduce distracting glare and surface reflections, we offer an anti-reflective (AR) treatment on all Essential lenses as standard.


Lighter, thinner lenses for higher prescriptions.

Lens Index: 1.59
Ideal for higher prescriptions and larger frames
Anti-scratch coating for enhanced durability
Anti-reflective (AR) coat as standard

Higher prescriptions and conventional materials can mean thicker lenses, more weight and an inferior finish for your optical frame. By using light, thin and ultra-tough Polycarbonate we can make thinner lenses for higher prescriptions that won’t spoil the look of your glasses.

Our Advanced lenses are up to 25% thinner and lighter than the Essential package, making it ideal for higher prescriptions and larger frames.

Applied with an anti-reflective coating as standard for a boost to all-around lens performance by improving clarity, reducing glare eliminating undesirable external reflections.


Indulgent vision, fit for the finest frames.

Lens Index: 1.67
Fully bespoke to your prescription and choice of frame
Gives the clearest vision at all angles, with minimal distortion
AR coat boosts lens clarity and comfort while giving UV protection
Hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static lens treatments

For a prescription lens worthy of even the most exclusive designer frames, we use an exceptionally clear and pure high-index material by industry-leading lens manufacturers Essilor.

This is our recommended option for the most extreme prescriptions. Luxury is up to 35% thinner than the Essential, for a flawless look within your frame.

Excellently suited to statement-making oversized frames with large lenses to trim down on excess thickness and weight.

An anti-reflective treatment applied as standard, with further hydrophobic (water repellent), oleophobic (grease repellent) and anti-static (dust repellent) applications for the ultimate in easy-clean, easy to maintain style!


Enhance your choice of frame by selecting from our wide range of luxury prescription lens options.

In our huge range of prescription sunglasses you have the option to customise the look of your lenses, right down to tint colour, mirror finish and technical features. You can even Style Match the look of the plano lenses as supplied by the manufacturer. The possibilities and combinations are endless – the only limit is how far your own imagination can take you!

With thousands of combinations to choose from, we’re confident that you’ll meet your match right here. For a true shopping experience, you can visualise all your lens choices while browsing our prescription sunglasses.

Tint Match

Seen a frame and lens combo and fallen in love? If you’re dying to get that style, we can make it happen! Whether tinted, gradient or mirrored, we will take the lenses found in the standard sunglasses and replace it with matching prescription lenses. A flawless look for your frame, just as the designer intended.

Fixed Tint

Choose from grey, green and brown fixed tint lenses for a classic look that works with any frame. Any one of these colours are perfect for full sun weather, with green and brown giving an added richness of colour to your vision. We also offer the option of a clear lens if you prefer to use your sunglasses as an optical frame.


These are one of the hottest looks in eyewear today. Gradient lenses use a graduated tint which is darkest at the top and gradually becomes lighter towards the bottom of the lens. Give your frame a vibrant two-tone splash in either grey, brown or green. Gradient lenses are a great choice for driving.


Mysterious, alluring and sumptuously ice cool, mirrored lenses are your go-to for that rockstar look! Give your chosen frame a vivid burst of colour with a choice including blue, gold, green and silver. Aside from looking fabulous, mirror finishes are perfect for brighter weather and help to dampen discomforting glare.


More of a technical choice than a style one, polarised lenses offer the ultimate in eye comfort. By filtering out 99% of reflected glare, polarised lenses make vision clearer, more comfortable and also boost colour definition. If you plan on using your lenses around water, we consider this an essential add-on!


In a flap over flipping between shades and eyeglasses? For a lens that can do all the work for you, choose photochromic. Available in grey or brown, these lenses are clear indoors or at night and respond to natural light to become a full-sun tint in bright sunlight, meaning you can wear your frame wherever or whenever you go.